Marc Goodman

Global Security Advisor • Futurist • NYT Bestselling Author

“Utterly fascinating stuff...Goodman weds the joy of geeky technology with the tension of true crime. The future of crime prevention starts here.”


“Everyone — and the business world especially — should heed his advice.”

— Daniel H. Pink
New York Times bestselling author of
To Sell Is Human and Drive

“Marc Goodman is a go-to guide for all who want a good scaring about the dark side of technology.”

New Scientist

“Future-proof yourself by reading this book. No one has a better vantage point than Goodman, and you won’t want to touch another keyboard until you know what’s in these pages.”

— David Eagleman
New York Times bestselling author of Incognito

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When Marc Speaks, audiences listen.

That’s because he’s spent a career immersed in technology, law enforcement and national security. Marc advises industry leaders and global policy makers in more than 75 countries around the world on emerging cyber risks and intelligence. Today, he captivates audiences from the TED stage to the White House to Fortune 500 companies, addressing the profound change technology is having on security, business and international affairs – the good, the bad, and what we can do about it. Learn more about Marc’s talks, here.

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“If you control the code, you control the world. This is the future that awaits us.”

- Marc Goodman, Future Crimes

Future Crimes

With explosive insights based on a career in law enforcement and counterterrorism, leading authority on global security Marc Goodman takes readers on a vivid journey through the darkest recesses of the Internet. Provocative, thrilling, and ultimately empowering, Future Crimes will serve as an urgent call to action that shows how we can take back control of our own devices and harness technology’s tremendous power for the betterment of humanity — before it’s too late.

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Marc Goodman


(And that’s just the beginning.)

Marc Goodman is the New York Times best-selling author of FUTURE CRIMES, a global strategist and consultant. He is the founder of the Future Crimes Institute and serves as the Chair for Policy, Law and Ethics at Singularity University. For over twenty years, Marc has built his expertise in international cyber-crime and terrorism, working with INTERPOL, the UN Counterterrorism Task Force, NATO and the US Government.

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