How to Secure Your Digital Life - The Class Available Now


“Technology is breeding crime …Your only defense is the most powerful tool available to you—education.”

—Frank Abagnale, New York Times bestselling author of Catch Me If You Can

Everyone knows how to be secure in the real world. You lock your door at night. You look both ways before you cross the street. But are you taking the same precautions in your digital life? In this CyberU Resources section, you can learn small steps that can make a big difference in protecting yourself online. Here you can download Marc’s UPDATE Protocol, which includes 6 steps to help keep you safe online.

You can also watch Marc’s TED talks, read his articles on cybersecurity and technology – and more. Staying safe in today’s digital world starts with awareness – and here you will find the tools and resources that will empower you to protect yourself, your company and your family. Welcome to CyberU.

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