Global Hack:

Hacker, die Banken ausspähen. Cyber-Terroristen, die Atomkraftwerke kapern. Geheimdienste, die unsere Handys knacken

Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

The Internet as a place of peaceful encounters? That was once. Global cybercriminals have long since penetrated the network. They plan kidnappings, loot accounts, and capture nuclear power plants. Marc Goodman works for the FBI and is one of the most prominent experts on questions of Internet security. In his book, he proves that we are dealing more and more with highly educated “elite criminals” who, alongside terrorist organizations, intelligence services and foreign governments, are involved in global data monopoly. They enrich themselves at the expense of others or use the web to commit attacks. The Internet is against us. It is time that we wake up.